A Short Introduction To Makedonski Brod

Macedonian Ford or Makedonski Brod is a beautiful town in the central part of Macedonia and is actually one of the smallest cities in the country. In the past, there was a bridge in the region where the town is now located which connected the towns of Kicevo and Prilep. These are actually the cities that eventually helped give Macedonian Ford its current name.


After a tomb was discovered in the Krapa village, archaeologists came to the conclusion that many years ago the area was populated by Romans. After the Slavs arrived to the Balkan Peninsula, the area started to be populated by Slavic tribes, namely the Berziti.

Close to Macedonian Ford, in the proximity of the Devic village, you can see visible remnants of buildings that strengthen the notion that in this area, hundreds of years ago, there was indeed a settlement or town that functioned as a centre for the entire region.

In the late XIX and XX Century, Macedonian Ford was part of the Manastir Vilayet which then belonged to the Ottoman Empire. Later on, in nineteen twenty nine until nineteen forty one, the town was part of the Vardar Banovina which at the time was part of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia.

Monuments of culture

There are many churches built in and around the town and all of them are very impressive. Some of them include Saint Nicholas (in the Plasnica village), Saint Dimitrius (in the Trebino village), and Saint Mary, which is the town’s church.